Fan controller / temperature monitor module.

PicAxe programmable IC has been used to create an electronic fan switch with the option of override. The circuit has three temp sensor inputs to monitor coolant temp in the radiator, coolant temp in the engine circuit and outdoor ambient temperature. A forth display option shows the vehicle's battery voltage. All info is displayed on the Picaxe OLED screen.

All switches and display will be integrated into the new centre console. Thermostat sensor was fitted to the housing where there is already a sensor position (for a/c systems) after the housing was bead blasted. Stainless steel compression fitting used to clamp the ds18b20 sensor. The hose sensor was fitted using an aluminium hose fitting from ASH on eBay. Program states thet the Kenlowe fan will switch on when the (radiator) temperature exceeds 88degrees. It'll then stay on until it falls below 65degrees.

Ongoing 17th August '14